Reveal Your Natural Beauty

To enhance your skin and body’s health and wellness by maximizing your spirit, mind, and body’s potential beauty.
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Live your dream.


Our vision at Anointed Medical Spa is to have an environment of serenity, encouragement, and edification of one’s worth, not only physically, emotionally but also spiritually. We were designed for a purpose. We all have hopes, desires, and dreams as well as gifts and talents to be used. Our Anointed team members are called to listen discern and use our gifts and talents to enhance our clients hopes, desires, and dreams for their purpose.

For instance Esther’s, from the Bible, her purpose was to save a nation from being destroyed by a king’s right hand man. But in order to have an influence on the king, for him to be merciful she needed his attention and trust. When she was chosen to be a candidate as a Queen she was chosen because of her beauty. She then went through a full year of treatments to enhance her natural beauty. It was beauty that obtained the king’s attention, you see God’s purpose for Esther was to help deliver her nation Israel from destruction and it was through her beauty and obedience to God that it was done.

Each of God’s creation, each son, and daughter are beautiful! When you come to anointed we are called to enhance your natural beauty and encourage you and your gifts so you can fulfill your purpose.